Composer: Anne Cawrse - Librettist: Adam Goodburn

SINGular Productions is collaborating with The State Opera Company of South Australia to develop a new South Australian-based opera titled INNOCENCE.

SINGular Productions, in partnership with State Opera of South Australia, have recently received a Major Commission grant from Arts SA to create a new Australian opera, Innocence, adapted from the novel Time's Long Ruin by Adelaide author, Stephen Orr. This commission will provide vital financial assistance to the development of this work over the next 3 years.
Innocence is loosely based on real events and is a story about friendship, love and loss; a story about those left behind, and how they carry on: searching, the disappointments, the plans and dreams that are only ever put on hold.

Adam Goodburn says, "INNOCENCE is a story that speaks to the South Australian audience as well as to the nation. It is set in a time of Adelaide's history when doors were left unlocked and kids went to the beach alone."

Adelaide based composer, Anne Cawrse will compose this new work. "I'm thrilled and excited about working on a project such as this. My belief is that our talented creative team can put together something really special. To have the opportunity to provide the musical landscape for such a profoundly moving and heartbreaking story is both a challenge and a privilege."

SINGular Productions' aim has always been to present new and challenging musical works that connect locally and nationally. While Innocence Lost will be a continuation of SINGular's proven ability to develop and perform new works, it represents a significant increase in size and scale from previous SINGular productions in terms of artistic significance, audience capacity, touring requirements and development timeframe. SINGular is fortunate to have the support of The State Opera of South Australia. CEO and Artistic Director, Timothy Sexton says, "State Opera is very keen to be involved in this project. I think that the work has the potential to be a very special one indeed. It's a tragic, real and confronting story. Anne Cawrse's music will bring the right colour and temperament to the story."

"Opera has a place in our Australian society and we want to make it accessible to everyone," says Goodburn. "It's not all about large women with spears singing with glass-shattering accuracy; it can be down-to-earth and have a powerful impact on the listener, regardless of social status."

The libretto has been drafted and the music is currently being composed. The timeframe involves performance workshops in 2014 - 2015 with the aim to premiere the work in 2017.





 For further information contact:

 Adam Goodburn
 0411 961 561